USS GREENLING (SSN 614), named in commemoration of the submarine GREENLING (SS 213), is the second ship of the fleet to bear the name of fish known scientifically as Hexagrammidae.

USS Greenling SS-213
GREENLING (SS 213) at Commissioning in New London

The first GREENLING was a GATO class fleet-type submarine of the latest all-welded design, displacing 1500 tons at a length of 307 feet and a beam of 27 feet and equipped with ten torpedo tubes. With its 6400 horsepower diesel all-electric drive, it could cruise the ocean at 20 knots on the surface. The SS 213 distinguished herself in the Pacific Theater of operations. Through twelve war patrols, her skippers earned two Navy Crosses, one Silver Star and one Legion of Merit. Although official Navy records only credit GREENLING with fifteen definite kills, her logs relate the sinking of twenty-two Japanese vessels for a total of 102,500 tons plus damage to an aircraft carrier and two large tankers.

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