The keel for USS GREENLING (SSN 614) was laid on August 15, 1961, by the General Dynamics Corporation Electric Boat Division, Groton, Connecticut. It was the twelfth of fourteen nuclear-powered submarines of the "593" or "THRESHER" class, designed to be the fastest, deepest diving and quietest submarines built to date. The keel was laid on the same building ways that the first nuclear submarine NAUTILUS was built, only a short distance from the ways that gave birth to the first GREENLING (SS 213) in 1940.

Launching of USS Greenling, SSN-614
GREENLING Launching, April 4, 1964 Mrs. Henry C. Bruton, Sponsor

GREENLING was the 241st submarine launched for the Navy by Electric Boat since the nation's first submarine, the HOLLAND, joined the fleet in 1900. On April 4, 1964, a crowd of 2,000 looked on as Mrs. Henry C. Bruton, the ship's sponsor, swung the traditional bottle of champagne against the bow. Mrs. Bruton was the wife of retired Rear Admiral Henry Chester Bruton, the commissioning commanding officer of the first GREENLING (SS 213) and the holder of three Navy Crosses and the Legion of Merit for his service during World War II. Flanking the ways as GREENLING slid into the Thames River were the GATO (SSN 615) and STURGEON, the lead shipof the "637" class.

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