GREENLING was one of three submarines authorized for conversion to the "improved THRESHER class." These alterations followed the investigation into the cause of the tragic sinking of the USS THRESHER (SSN 593) on April 10, 1963, off Cape Cod. GREENLING was moved under tow April 29, 1964, to the Electric Boat Quincy Division, Quincy, Massachusetts, for lengthening and submarine safety program (SUBSAFE) modifications. Modifications included increased buoyancy and adding 13 feet 9 inches of length to the hull, providing improved living and working conditions for the crew and space for additional equipment. Before construction of GREENLING was completed, "THRESHER" class submarines were redesignated as the "594" or "PERMIT" class submarines after the existing lead ship of the class.

Commissioning Ceremonies
GREENLING Commissioning Ceremonies November 3, 1967 Naval Submarine Base New London

Following sea trials, GREENLING joined the Submarine Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, in commissioning ceremonies November 3, 1967, at the U. S. Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, Connecticut. Representative G. W. Andrews of Alabama was the principal speaker at the ceremony. With Commander Guy H. B. Shaffer, USN, commanding, USS GREENLING became the newest unit of Submarine Squadron TEN and Submarine Division ONE HUNDRED TWO in New London.

From December 1967 through May 1968, GREENLING conducted her initial shakedown cruise, operating mostly in the Caribbean in the vicinity of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This cruise included multiple torpedo tube test firings and the launching of two SUBROC Missiles.

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