On May 27, 1968, GREENLING was diverted from a fleet training exercise to take part in the ensuing search and rescue operation for the USS SCORPION (SSN 589) which was missing from its return from deployment. The Commanding Officer of GREENLING was designated as the Commander of the SAR Task Element, consisting of three nuclear and four diesel submarines. The GREENLING participated in this SAR effort until June 12, 1968. GREENLING then participated in several ASW exercises and conducted a deployment in late 1968. GREENLING hosted the Chief of Naval Operations of the Mexican Navy on January 14, 1969, then so thereafter, deployed a second time. During this period, GREENLING was awarded the Submarine Division ONE HUNDRED TWO Fire Control Excellence Award and the Submarine Squadron TEN nomination for the NEY (food service excellence) award for 1968-1969. The ship also earned the Battle Efficiency "E" for Submarine Division ONE HUNDRED TWO for 1968-1969 and the first two Navy Unit Commendations for exceptionally meritorious service in the fall of 1968 and the spring of 1969. CDR Shaffer was awarded the Legion of Merit and a gold star in lieu of a second Legion of Merit for these same two periods. On May 13, 1969, Commander Austin B. Scott, jr., USN, relieved Commander Shaffer as GREENLING's Commanding Officer, marking the end of a very successful first year and a half in the life of the submarine.

Operations in the Caribbean, Circa 1970
GREENLING Conducting Operations in the Caribbean, Circa 1970

Over the course of the next year, under the leadership of Commander Scott, GREENLING continued to build on her earlier successes. On May 19, 1969, GREENLING entered the Electric Boat Division Shipyard, Groton, Connecticut, for a four month Post Shakedown Availability.

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