On January 14, 1975, Lieutenant Commander Christopher O. Nichols, USN, relieved Commander Johnson as Commanding Officer. After this relief, the ship immediately started to prepare for another cruise to the Mediterranean, conducting various types of training exercises including Prospective Commanding Officer operations. GREENLING deployed in May 1975 for operations with the U. S. Sixth Fleet. The year also saw GREENLING participate in a major Second Fleet NATO exercise "Ocean Safari" briefly on her return to New London from deployment. The remainder of the year was spent on localoperations. GREENLING was awarded its third Meritorious Unit Commendation for operations conducted as an element of Task Forces Sixty-Seven and Sixty Nine in June and July 1975 in the Mediterranean,

The bicentennial year was one of GREENLING's most active, starting with numerous operations in the Caribbean, followed by upkeep in New London and operations with U. S. Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS and U.S. Marine Corps swimmers in " Lock-in/lock-Out" training. The summer brought a third trip to the Caribbean for various services and exercises. After a few weeks of midshipmen training cruises, GREENLING joined the major NATO exercise "Teamwork '76," bringing port visits in Scotland and Norway. The year concluded in New London with pre-overhaul testing and a short holiday standown.

Moored Alongside USS Orion Circa 1980On February 4, 1977, GREENLING arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, for a refueling overhaul which lasted 22 months. This overhaul involved major upgrades to much of the ship's equipment, including extensive changes to the ship's sonar system. The ship's appearance was slightly altered with the addition of the towed array storage tube and fairing, running the length of the port side. The overhaul was completed December 17, 1978, when the ship returned to New London, Connecticut, to recommence operations as a unit of Submarine Squadron TEN.

Commander William R. Witcraft, USN, relieved Commander Nichols on January 27, 1979, to start another very active period in the ship's history. The early part of the year was dedicated mostly to services and exercises in the Caribbean, then post-overhaul inspections, tests and certifications. The summer brought local operations including midshipman training cruises and a MK 48 Proficiency Exercise at the AUTEC range. Late 1979 saw GREENLING Moored Alongside USS ORION (AS 18) Circa 1980 GREENLING underway for UNITAS XX as part of the U.S. Task Force operating with the navies of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. UNITAS XX brought operations in the waters off various ports along the eastern coast of South America.

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