In 1980, GREENLING prepared for and departed on deployment in May to the Mediterranean for operations with the Sixth Fleet. This deployment brought port visits in Cartagena, Spain, Sardinia and Naples, returning to New London in October via Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1980 concluded with various training operations from Narragansett Bay to the Caribbean. In 1981 the ship conducted its first Selected Restricted Availability (SRA) and local and Caribbean training operations leading to another Mediterranean deployment in September.

Returning From Deployment
GREENLING Returning from Deployment March 1982

While with the Sixth Fleet, the ship visited La Spezia, Santo Stefano and La Maddalena, Italy. GREENLING was still in the Mediterranean when 1982 arrived, but returned home to New London in February for some much-deserved rest.

Upon completion of the R & R period on March 12, 1982, Commander Kevin G. Rogers, USN, relieved Commander Witcraft as Commanding Officer. The remainder of 1982 was spent in local and Caribbean operations including midshipman training cruises, an ASW exercise and various readiness examinations. The New Year of 1983 brought another Selected Restricted Availability and various training exercises to workup for another deployment to the Mediterranean in September. While on deployment, GREENLING participated in numerous training exercises with NATO forces and saw ports of call including Palma, Spain, La Maddalena, Italy and Toulon, France. The ship returned to New London early in 1984.

Change of Command, March 23, 1984
Change of Command, March 23, 1984

On March 23, 1984, Commander Rogers was relieved by Commander Michael W. O'Neil, USN. The remainder of the year was spent in local and Caribbean operating areas for various training exercises.

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